Is Softonic Safe? Everything You Need To Know About Softonic[Complete Review]

Guys every time you come across the Softonic platform. There is a question in your mind that is Softonic safe and legal to use? Today we are going to clear all your doubts regarding Softonic. Everything that you need to know regarding Softonic will be covered in this topic. Come, Let’s have a deep dive into the topic.

What Is Softonic? is a kind of global software discovery portal based in Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain. It was founded in 1997 and is owned by Softonic International. It connects with the huge community of developers which facilitates innovative software and apps to its users. Softonic is a downloading website with a collection of freeware and people like freeware. The official site of Softonic claimed that its mission is to discovering and downloading the software in a safe way. As the Windows operating system gives the features to download the software easily without much restrictions and authentications which sometimes allows the malware and viruses to enter your system. But in today’s world, everyone needs a lot of software if you are a Student, Teacher, or any other professional worker so you need to pay for all the software for more security and it is not possible for everyone to get paid software. So here come some free downloading websites and Softonic is one of them. As it is free so it may cost you for your security.

Why There Is a Room For Security Questions On Softonic?

One thing is crystal clear that it is a totally legal and legit website to use. Since mostly the software available on this website is copyrighted and free third-party apps. And many users and competitors have claimed that the Softonic included some malware and viruses in their software. But ignoring all these claims Softonic always involved in expanding the storage of free software and due to which there is room for security questions on Softonic. But many users also ensure the work of Softonic as commendable with great reviews which may create confusion about “is Softonic Safe?”.

Pieces Of Evidence Showing The Reliability Of Softonic.

  • Web of Trust Digits(WOT) analysis: The Web of Trust is categorized as an open-source web security product developed by WOT services. It gives the features of Web filtering and security analysis for users. And according to WOT the trustworthiness of Softonic is about 85% which shows that it is really a reliable website to download the software.
  • Google Safe Browsing: It is the service provided by Google’s security team to identify the harmful websites due to which malware and viruses can enter the system and it notifies the users about the website’s threats and reliability.

And when Softonic got analyzed by “Google Safe Browsing” then it showed that “No unsafe content found!” which shows that Softonic is reliable to download the software.

  • Positive reviews from User: while analyzing the reviews it is showed that the users who give a negative comment or review about Softonic are the reliable or loyal users of the website. And also many people give positive reviews on different social platforms.
  • Claims of Softonic for its reliability: The official website of Softonic claims to have malware and viruses free software in their storage. And it is providing 100% free viruses and malware according to them.

Main Reasons That Doubt The Reliability Of Softonic.

  1. High Chances to Download virus-containing other software without asking: After claiming 100% free malware and virus-free software there are many users that got the malware while downloading the software. And it also allows downloading some other malware software without asking any person.
  2. Outdated Softwares on Softonic: There is much-outdated software available on Softonic which increases the chances of malware and viruses attack. Updated software ensures that the software is free from viruses and malware.
  3. Ads pop-up: There are many advertisements that will pop-up while using Softonic and if you click on those ads then it will increase the chances of malicious and various virus attacks on your system.
  4. Taking Control over your system: The website turns itself into the homepage of the system by downloading the extension without asking.


We can conclude that Softonic may be safe or may not be safe. For the 100% reliability and security, you need to use a proper paid “Antivirus”. If you are safe from your side then it is one of the best ways to protect your system from various viruses and malware.
Paid Antivirus gives the surety that it will protect the system and keep the malicious virus away from your system. Good Antivirus decreases the chance of malware and viruses attack and ensures security.

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