How To Get Xfinity On Firestick In Simple & Easy Steps

Xfinity is a streaming application that gives the features to watch TV channels with your internet availability. More than 200 channels are available with other exciting content. Along with that it also gives the features of downloading TV shows or movies. When installed, Xfinity On Firestick makes it more entertaining and interesting. If you are also an amazon firestick user then you can also install Xfinity on your firestick device and enjoy non-stop entertainment.

Xfinity can be downloaded from the amazon app store itself. Here we have brought you a set of instructions that will help you in getting Xfinity on your firestick.

Simple Steps To Install Xfinity Stream On Your Firestick

Just follow these simple methods to get Xfinity Stream on your firestick tv to enjoy the seamless entertainment.

1. Download Xfinity Using Downloader App

You can download Xfinity directly from the downloader app. If you don’t have a downloader app then you can download it from the search bar by typing ‘Downloader’.

And then you need to type the URL “” and then click on the “Go” button.

And after this, a web page will pop and three things on this web page will be available that you need to download for the Xfinity Stream app to work.

  1. Mouse Toggle(If your TV supports 4k version then download the 4k version of Mouse Toggle otherwise downloads the simple Mouse Toggle).
  2. And after downloading the Mouse Toggle app, download the “Chrome app” and after downloading install the Chrome.
  3. Then download the final app Xfinity 4k version if your system support 4k otherwise choose the simple Xfinity version and then download and install it.

After downloading all the three apps click on the “home” button with your firestick remote.

2. Install Xfinity Using Developer Option

  1. Firstly you need to go to the “Settings” option
  2. Then more options will available there from which you need to Select “My Fire TV”.
  3. When you select “My Fire TV” then there will be developer options so
  4. Click on that and make sure that ADB debugging is ON and “Apps from Unknown Sources” is ON and then comes back to the home screen.

3. General Settings.

Move down to your apps and channels go all the way to the end until you find “see all” and then click on that. And then move those applications that you have downloaded to the front.

So first go to the “Mouse Toggle” app then there will be an options button on the lower corner and there will be an option for a move to the front so click on that option and your “Mouse Toggle” will move to the front.

Similarly, do the same for the other two applications i.e Chrome and Xfinity. And it will bring your apps to the front.

And then go back to your home screen and move back to your apps and channels and open the “Mouse Toggle” app and make sure that the mouse toggle has enabled mouse services and also make sure that “Auto Start the mouse service on device start-up” is enabled.

And then hit the back button and open the “Chrome” app and there will be pop with an option of “Accept and Continue” so proceed by selecting the option. This is just a chrome browser like your PC or laptop you can use it to browse online just like you use on your computer and to use the mouse toggle “Double click the Start/Pause button on the Firestick to enable mouse Toggle” and after this, a pop message will be there and it will ask to “Allow USB debugging” so click ok and proceed.

And then go to the home screen and open up the “Xfinity app” and then it will ask you to “Allow Stream TV to access photos, media, and files on your device.”.Then simply allow and after allowing you will get the option of “Get Started” then click on that and then it will ask your email, mobile or username, and Password for “sign-in”

After that accept the “Terms of Activation”

And then you can enjoy the app and can enjoy all the features providing by Xfinity.


So, guys, this was a full guide on how to Xfinity on firestick. If you have any confusion regarding the same topic then you can tell us in the comments section. We will surely help you.

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