15 Best ROM Sites To Download ROMs Safely In 2020

Are you a 90’s kid who wants to play his favorite games without having a console. The demand for best from sites is growing day by day because they enable you to play your favorite games on PC without having those expensive gaming consoles. You need an emulator software on your PC to run those games easily. We also want to tell you that illegal downloading and buying of ROM sites is a prohibited activity. So, Where do you download ROMs from?  There are a lot of websites available over the internet for downloading ROMs. But all of them cannot be considered safe or various issues.

We have come up with a detailed list of Best ROM sites that we have tried and tested personally and then listed them here. You would surely be able to download ROMs from these sites.

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What Are Game ROMs?

ROM stands for Read-Only Memory. It is basically a type of chip used in video games that contain the game software in it. Generally, this term “ROM” refers to the game’s data copied or downloaded.

15 Best ROM Sites To Play Games In 2020

Here is our collection of sites that you can consider to download ROMs for playing your favorite games safely. We have added links to the sites too.

1. Gamulator

Gamulator is our first pick because of its extensive list of ROMs already and frequent updates given by developers. You download a huge collection of games and emulators as well from here. It is very easy to use the website as there are very fewer ads and pop-ups and is also totally safe from viruses. Gamulator can be accessed using computers and smartphones as well. You should surely give a try to this website as it has a huge userbase also.

2. Romsdownload.net

Romsdownload.net is a one-stop destination for Game ROMs for Android, PC, MAC, and iPhone. All the ROMs for major platforms can be downloaded from this website. ou can directly search your desired ROM from the search box given on the homepage. You can go and pick your favorite ROM and start playing your games.

3. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler is our next choice in our collection of best ROM sites. It is one of the oldest ROMs downloader sites.  You can download specific ROMs according to the consoles that existed in the past. There are several filters available on the site that you can apply to download ROMS best suitable for you. One drawback that we saw in this site is that there is no update on this site in the past couple of years.

4. Retrosic

Retrosic is considered one of the safest ROM sites until now. It has the feature of direct downloading of games without the .exe file which prevents viruses from affecting the computer. As the name suggests this site is famous for ROMs of retro games only. You can also download emulators from this website. The interface is quite a user friendly and very easy to navigate through the website. We don’t see any reason behind not trying this website to download ROMs.

5. CoolROM

CoolROM can be a good destination for you if you are looking for Latest ROMs and you also want to know about different games and guides on how to do well in those games.  This website can help you in ROMs, GAmes, And Emulators. There are no ads on this website. You will quickly find your ROM for downloading. It also provides you screenshots of games walkthrough.

6. Romania

Romania is a very big website and has a huge collection of game ROMs for you. The trending 100 game ROMs can be seen on the homepage itself. If you are looking for BIOS of your emulators then you can consider this website. You can also play games online on this website. This a huge place for downloading game ROMS and playing games online. The ROMs available for download are totally safe for your system.

7. Emuparadise

Emuparadise is considered one of the most ideal websites for downloading game ROMs. It is a one-stop destination for game ROMs, Emulators, ISOs, and original games. If you are fan od retro games then you can have them from here totally free. Though paid games are also available here. The website is quite safe and secure with no ads and fishy pop-ups.

8. PortalRoms

If you have gone through all the above-listed websites and have not found your desired ROM then we will suggest you PortalRoms. You can ask them for a particular ROM and no other website has this feature. This website has more than 10k game ROMs available and this website can be used in three different languages. Though there are ads displayed on this website the file downloaded will be totally safe for you.

Collection Of 15 Best ROM Sites To Play Games In 2020

Here is our ultimate collection of 15 websites to download game ROMs for playing games without a console:

  1. Gamulator
  2. Romsdownload.net
  3. Rom Hustler
  4. CoolROM
  5. Romania
  6. Retrosic
  7. Emuparadise
  8. PortalRoms
  9. Emulator.Games
  10. SonyISOs 
  11. The NES Files 
  12. FreeRoms
  13. The ROM Depot
  14. Emulator Zone
  15. Vimm’s Lair

Some FAQs Regarding Gaming ROMs

Please refer to these frequently asked questions in order to clear your doubts regarding gaming ROMs:

1. Are Game ROMs Illegal?

Yes, game ROMs are illegal to download. However, Emulators are not illegal.

2. Which Is The Safest Game ROM To Download?

According to us, Retrosic is the safest site to download the game ROMs.

The Final Take

Being a 90’s kid it is really very interesting to play your favorite games at your own PC without even console. We tried to cover the best sites that would provide you ROMs for playing games. If you have any difficulty in downloading ROMs then please contact us in the comments section. We will surely help you there.

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